WBA History Project

In light of the Wisconsin Builders Association's 70th anniversary, I decided to embark on a multi-phase project to organize, document, and preserve the association's history.  The goals for this project were to (1) strengthen awareness of the organization's longevity and celebrate its numerous successes for both membership recruitment and consumer reputation purposes, and (2) to highlight historical trends in membership numbers, local association numbers, and recurring challenges throughout the decades that would allow current leadership to make more informed decisions as they guide the association.  This was the first time such an endeavor to understand the association's complete history had been undertaken.

This research produced the following items:

- Organized photo albums, subsequently digitalized and cataloged

- A special 70th anniversary edition of our print publication, The Badger Builder (see excerpts under content writing)

- A 70th anniversary interactive webpage with additional features (view here, desktop optimal)

Research included tasks such as:

- Curating an association photo collection from 1950-present, sifting through boxes upon boxes of unsorted photos

- Digitalizing albums using best practices

- Researching and cataloging past WBA communications to build history of organization (membership #s, advocacy wins, local association foundings, industry and design trends, etc.)

- Using the WI Historical Society, newspaper searches, and other online research tools to fill in gaps 

- Reaching out and interviewing past association leadership

- Putting together a special 70th anniversary edition of WBA's print publication, The Badger Builder

- Planning 70th anniversary-themed digital content for website and social 

MA Thesis Research

Over a 2-year period, I completed a voluntary master's thesis as part of my degree fulfillment.  This required regular meetings with my thesis advisor as well as engagement with other professors in my specific field of study.  A project of this magnitude required countless hours of research and synthesis across dozens of texts along with countless hours of writing and editing.  At its completion, my thesis was 124 pages in length, and it had incorporated 12 pages' worth of sources.  I successfully defended my thesis in the spring of 2014. To learn more specifics about my MA thesis, please see my Academic Writing samples

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