Re-Introducing the Wisconsin Builders Association

A New Look, A New Website, & a Renewed Dedication to Advocacy

Ripped down to the studs and built back up with its members in mind, the Wisconsin Builders Association is proud to re-introduce itself to the home building industry and the public at large. “We’re excited to reveal the new WBA, and messages that are geared toward our markets,” states Brad Boycks, Vice President of Advocacy.

What has the renovation of the WBA entailed? Namely, a new logo, a new tagline (Protecting the American Dream), a new website, and a renewed social media presence. “This sets up a strong foundation for us to communicate with our members and the public about who we are and what we do,” Boycks says. “These new tools will allow us to further assist the home building industry and homeowners in Wisconsin.”

Furthermore, this new brand encompasses something even more essential—a renewed dedication to advocating on behalf of builders and homeowners so they have the resources they need and the rights they deserve to achieve their dreams.

WHY DOES YOUR ASSOCIATION EXIST? For the past year and a half, the WBA focused on this question posed by its Madison-based marketing firm, Pop-Dot Marketing. And, with the help of Pop-Dot’s market research and rebrand savvy—along with assistance from a special task force comprised of board members, executive officers, and a new, in-house Marketing Communications Specialist—the association was able to not only answer this question but use it to inform every bit of the WBA’s new look and renewed mission.

“We wanted to have a real clear message for consumers in Wisconsin,” begins Boycks, “That we are here to make sure that their homes are built and remodeled by quality contractors, and that the regulations that affect us don’t become too costly and affect affordability.”

The result is a fresh, modern look underpinned by the WBA’s longstanding advocacy expertise in the industry.

MEMBERSHIP FEATURES & BENEFITS With more tools than ever before, the WBA seeks to be a leading resource for legislative and industry news. They have also revitalized their exclusive, members-only perks to guarantee instant returns on membership.

These features include an exclusive blog on the WBA’s latest advocacy efforts, more consumer resources than ever before, directories that make it easy to get in touch with fellow members or local associations, and a completely revamped contracts & forms section that allows members to find precisely what they need—and fast. For members that still need to set up their new username and password, simply send a blank email to


Of course, this is only the beginning of what’s to come. With its new look and website in place, the WBA will now be able to add additional membership benefits and features in the coming months. Improved lines of communication also make it possible to reach out regularly to members, prospective members, and consumers. “We needed to explore what we could do to make the WBA more relevant and important,” says Boycks, “And we feel that this process of rebranding is a big part of the answer.”

Feel free to explore the Wisconsin Builders Association’s latest activities and developments today at, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. (view original article w/ images, pages 8-9 here.)

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