70 Years of Protecting the American Dream

In celebration of the Wisconsin Builders Association’s 70 years of ensuring safe, affordable homes for Wisconsin families, we decided to do a deep dive into our history and find out a little more about where we came from and how we have grown. After all, learning from the past is a vital and necessary step to shaping the future, and we intend to be around for another 70 years at least!

At first glance—the task seemed overwhelming, as no such endeavor had been previously attempted. Boxes upon boxes of photos dating back to the 1950s, strewn about in no particular order, lay forgotten in storage. 58 years’ worth of back issues collected dust.Past meeting minutes and data about our members waited to be discovered, and some items were unfortunately lost to time.However, despite numerous obstacles, the story of our history slowly began to emerge over the space of nearly a year, and what a story it is! An inspiring tale underscored by countless everyday builders and affiliates working together—even during the toughest times—to make the home building industry better for all.

The timeline here represents just a handful of highlights in the WBA’s path to the present day. (To see a detailed history of our advocacy efforts, turn to page ).More information, including photo collections, can be viewed at . We thank all members, past and present, for getting us where we are today—our journey would not be the same without you!

(view print article here, pages 6-7)

(view interactive webpage here)

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