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Platform: Wix

Goals: Provide a compelling look at my past accomplishments for interested parties; curate my professional career thus far; present my projects and talents concisely

Tasks: Site mapping, design work, graphics, curation of past work and presentation strategy, page construction, responsive testing, SEO prep

Go: You're here!

WBA Website 2018

Platform: Squarespace & Memberspace

Goals: Refresh site design (increased visuals, improved navigation); completely overhaul members-only experience with new, less restrictive tools; tailor site to be a source of consistent lead generation for local associations 

Tasks: Site mapping, design work (with feedback from digital marketing partner), majority of graphics, reworking/writing copy, page construction, responsive testing, SEO prep, integration with Memberspace for members-only backend


Portfolio Website


WBA Website 2015- early 2018

Platform: Weebly & Weblink

Goals: Launch a completely new website (streamlined focus, new navigation) in conjunction with a major rebranding effort (new logo, tagline, direct mailers, marketing strategies); rebuild association's relationship with its existing members

Tasks: Brought on-board after platform/main design selected - site mapping, graphics, significant reorganization of old content and strategies about new content, writing copy, page construction, responsive testing, integration with Weblink for members-only backend 

Spartan Tool Website 2011

Platform: Mighty-Site (via Orbit Media Studios)

Goals: Launch first consumer-facing e-commerce website for organization; increase online sales

Tasks: Brought on-board after platform/main design selected - alongside Orbit Media, strategized on content organization and presentation, produced content pages, streamlined product parts/assemblies displays, created graphics, implemented SEO changes recommended by digital marketing partner

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