Samples of copywriting, including re-branding messaging, recruitment messaging, PR copywriting (press releases), and boilerplate.

Content Writing

Samples of content writing including magazine articles, blog posts, white papers, and a technical guide. To view press release samples, see "copywriting." 

Academic Writing

Samples of post-undergraduate academic writing, including MA thesis, artist residency project, and critical article published in The Hemingway Review.


Regular editing work includes edits of guest articles and editorials in WBA Badger Builder (e.g. President's Perspective, Local Association Spotlights, Advocacy Update).  Edit biweekly advocacy-centered email series, along with edits as needed to various messages coming from leadership. Additional editing experience with student papers. 


Wisconsin Badger Builder. Editor & Lead Writer. Fall 2015 - Present. (View)


"Sewer Jetter Winterization: What You Need to Know." Trenchless Technology. 22 December 2014. (View)

“Lefting the User-Friendly: An Experiment in Altered Images.”  Media Archaeology Lab.  7 June 2014. (View)
“Bring an Axe and Your Wildest Dreams: Post-Apocalyptic Desires, Science Distrust, and the De(con)struction of a Zombie Story.” MA thesis University of Colorado-Boulder, 2014.  ProQuest. (View Excerpt)
“Catherine as Transgender:  Dreaming Identity in The Garden of Eden.”  The Hemingway Review 32.2 (2013): 42-57.  (View Excerpt)

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